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Get permanent hair colour for your hair to give it a radiant shine and leave your hair feeling silky and gorgeous in days to come. You can also choose to get funky highlights that make your hair look great with minimal dye usage.

Stunning curls await you

Are you bored of your neither straight nor wavy hair? Salon No. 5 specialises in perms that leave you with stunning locks that are easy to maintain. Book an appointment with us today in Morpeth and Ashlington and get the hair of your dreams.

Say goodbye to bad hair! Get in touch with us for hairstyling and makeup in Morpeth and Ashlington today.

Permanent hair colour or perms?

You can consult our expert hairstylists at Salon No. 5 for all your hair trouble. After a thorough examination of your hair type, our stylists will give you their expert opinion on whether permanent hair colour, highlights or a perm will suit you best.

Permanent hair colour, highlights and perms for you

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